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Our Story

In my family, Christmas is the most celebrated day of the year. In December 2021, in the depths of COVID, I decided to create some Christmas earrings out of polymer clay to spread the Christmas joy as I was unable to spend the season with my family. I made 7 different pairs of stud earrings and would wear a different design each day to work. Not only did this brighten my day but I would also get clients and colleagues commenting about my earrings. The smile it bought to people's faces warmed my heart.

From there I kept creating one off designs for friends and family members as gifts. I enjoyed how relaxing the process was and being able to express my creative side. In March 2022, I suddenly realised I had made over 100 pairs of earrings through experimenting with different designs and I had no use for them. So I decided to try and sell them. This is when "Paws + Clay" was formed.

What is the meaning behind "Paws + Clay"?

I am an animal lover at heart and work as a veterinarian in rural Australia. Creating clay earrings became my way to relax after work (unfortunately I am not very good at sitting still). So the word "Paws" is a play on the word pause linking to both my love of working with animals as well as clay earrings being a way of helping me unwind at the end of the day.

Owner of Paws and Clay Polymer clay earrings