Floral purple polymer clay earrings

Are you ready for Spring? We have the perfect earrings for you!

Our latest collection "Spring Bloom" is coming out just in time for our favourite season. Imagine the sun is shining, there is a light breeze and you can smell the sweet scent of freesias. Now all you need is the perfect pair of earrings! Well, we have got you covered.

This collection enhances the essence of spring with purple florals being our inspiration. We have designed this collection to be fun, whimsical and enchanting and be the perfect accessory as we all crawl out of our bear cave (or maybe that's just me) after a long cold winter. 

Each of our pieces are handmade and unique meaning no two items are the same. For this collection we have experimented with using tassels and acrylic shapes to add more fun to these funky designs. Make sure you head on over to our instagram page @paws.and.clay to ensure you receive a reminder when these beautiful earrings drop on Friday the 1st of September.

But why polymer clay earrings?

Polymer clay is the perfect material to make earring out of for 5 reasons:

1. It's lightweight

All our pairs of earrings weigh 10 grams or less! So. . . no droopy ear lobes for you!

2. It's waterproof

Did you know this? Don't worry if you forget to take your earring out before you go in the shower, or you accidentally put them through the washing machine. They will survive!

3. They're drop proof

Polymer clay, if baked correctly, is very flexible and almost like plastic. This means if you drop them they will be fine. This makes our jewellery durable and long lasting.

4. It's non-toxic

Polymer clay is non-toxic making it suitable for sensitive ears. If doesn't release any nasty chemicals or change the colour of your skin. If you have allergic or sensitive skin then choose earrings made from polymer clay.

5. So many pretty colours!

Have you every wanted to add a little pop of colour to an outfit or add a personal touch to your boring work outfit? Well polymer clay earrings are going to become your new best friend! You can dress them up or down and I can promise you will get so many compliments when wearing them.

Spring Bloom Purple floral Polymer clay earrings

So as you can see polymer clay earrings are not only easy and comfortable to wear making them suitable for everyday but they are also funky and fun. I can promise you that once you own your first pair of polymer clay earrings, you will fall in love with them and become as addicted to them as me! 

To find your perfect pair of earrings, head over to our website to see our amazing range we have on offer. Also, don't forget to sign up to out email list to receive 10% off your first order.


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